QuickFit consists of CrossFit workouts (minus gymnastic & barbell movements) that incorporate body weight movements & light resistance training.

Our unique QuickFit program that’s offered to all Crown City members consists of efficient & effective workouts that incorporate body weight movements and light resistance training.


Our QuickFit programming is a combination of bodyweight movements, light resistance training (ie: dumbbells, bands, kettlebells, etc.), and some sort of cardio whether it’s rowing, biking, or running.


Gain yourself access to our QuickFit program through your CrossFit Crown City Membership or cash in on our exclusive QuickFit Membership granting you unlimited access to QuickFit classes.  Join QuickFit for a fun time working out w/friends, building muscle, improving flexibility, burning fat, & increasing stamina!


QuickFit has rapidly grown more and more popular at Crown City over the past year. Our dedicated QuickFit members have truly helped shape what this program has become, and we are thrilled to now offer QuickFit 5 DAYS a week!

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