Led by our CrossFit Crown City yoga instructor, Jane Fitts, join us every Sunday morning to get your mind & body ready for the week ahead.

Everyone loves a good WOD, but how often are you doing mobility? Spending time refining your recovery routine is just as important as daily exercise. We know that life can get hectic at times, but your fitness routine doesn’t need to be! Find some peace & balance within your busy week with Yoga class every Sunday at 10am. 


Prioritizing mobility and consistently stretching on a daily basis can decrease the chance of injury, muscle soreness, and joint pain. Implementing this seemingly small aspect to your daily training can make all the difference in the long run.


So ask yourself, are you someone who’s held back by limited range of motion, or suffers from stiff & sore muscles? If so, join us for Yoga and show your muscles a little TLC!


Train hard. Recover smarter.

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