Led by our certified CrossFit coaches, members of ALL fitness levels are encouraged & welcomed to join the CrossFit Crown City family!

Are you looking to shake up your fitness routine and improve your overall health? CrossFit Crown City is the place for you! We know it can be difficult to stay on track with training when you’re on your own, but here at CFCC, you’re not alone — you’re family.


We take care of ALL the daily programming, every single day of the week, so the only thing you need to do is show up! We also offer a wide range of times for daily WODs so that you can find a class to fit your busy schedule. 


Additionally, our certified CrossFit coaches are vastly knowledgeable and provide scalable options to meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey. Regardless if you have prior CrossFit experience or not, every movement is scalable to match your capabilities & to challenge you.


Are YOU ready to make a change?


We’re here ready for you, when you are!


When you join us you are joining a supportive community of diverse members with many different needs all working hard to improve their lives through fitness.


Our Story

Have you ever judged something from the outside without having all of the information and then actually experienced that thing later only to find out how wrong you were.

I had that experience with CrossFit Crown City.

I did not end up at Crown City because I was interested in CrossFit, quality coffee led me here!

Five days a week I would go to my corner coffee shop, grab my cappuccino, take a seat outside and watch these “crazy” CrossFit people next door workout. I was mystified by what they were doing, everything looked so intense and so intimidating, I truly had no idea what was going on but I knew one thing for certain, I wanted nothing to do with it!

At the time I was around 35 years old, I had always been athletic, played sports, stayed active and appeared (from the outside) to be a relatively fit individual but I was quickly finding it more and more difficult to be stay with any kind of fitness routine. I needed something that I wasn’t finding in your traditional gym, something that would help me stick with it, be consistent and help keep me accountable. So one day I got up the nerve, skipped the cappuccino and walked in to Crown City. To my surprise it wasn’t it intimidating, on the contrary it was welcoming and I fell in love with it!

After that first day I was “hooked” and my CrossFit journey began. Over the next 6 years I went from a member, to a coach, to a partner and eventually owner of CrossFit Crown City.

Today my goal for the gym is to create a culture of growth in a facility that is welcoming, inclusive and not intimidating in any way.
I want Crown City to be known as the place to go for high level coaching and positive vibes, and as a place that is just as welcoming to new CrossFitter’s as it is to those with years of experience.

Today I still think back to my first experience, how far we have come, how much the gym has grown and where we are going.

It all goes back to that first day and feeling welcomed!


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Reach Your Goals Faster With Personal Training!

With workouts designed specifically around your goals and a coach working with you one-on-one.

$75 Single 1 Hour Session
$650 10 - 1 Hour Sessions
$40 Single 30 min Skill Session
$280 5 - 30 min Skill Sessions
  • Reach your goals faster by working with your own personal coach
  • Individualized workout design tailored to meet your goals
  • A coach that will keep you accountable and consistent

$ 75

Group Classes

Reach Your Goals

Class Options

  • 1 Classes per week: 235 per month
  • 3 Classes per week: 299 per month
  • Unlimited Classes per week: 350 per month
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$ 650

Private Training

Need to improve your training?

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Would you like to learn more?

We would love to show you around and answer any questions you might have. Click the “Begin the Conversation” and set up a time to come and see what Crown City is all about!

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