We would love to see you Saturday at 10 am for our free intro class.

One on one training available upon request.

Membership Pricing

Our pricing is very simple: We are currently offering a monthly membership rate of $205 with a 3 month commitment; a six month commitment drops that rate to $185/month; and if you sign up for a 12 month agreement, we offer a monthly rate of $165/month.


If you are new to CrossFit, we have an “on ramp” program that covers the fundamental movements for anyone without CrossFit experience. This program has (4) one-on-one sessions with one of our L-1 certified trainers who will get you ready to launch into your regular classes.

We require that you complete this “on ramp” series before you begin regular CrossFit classes.  The cost of this program carries a one-time charge of $200 if you hit the fast track with one of our coaches one-on-one. We offer a 25% discount on this on-ramp program when you sign up for one of our membership packages: 3, 6, or 12 months. However we also have a group version of the on-ramp program that runs every two weeks (approx the 1st and 15th; dates vary). We will place you with a group and you will roll a two week cycle of the on-ramp program. The cost for this program is $100 and the program is as follows:

Week 1:

Day 1: INTRO: Overview of CF philosophy, mesa cycles, our box, our coaches, our community.
Presses: From the rack, strict, push and jerk.

Skill: Rowing: Leg / arm progression, S/M, pacing.

WOD: Test #1
20 burpees
30 KBS (TBD)
20 cal row

Day 2: Squats: Front, back, OHS.
200m run
15 ring rows
10 OHS (TBD)

Day 3: Review presses

Skill: jerk / split jerk

250m row
10 push press
10 walking lunges (OH weight for more advanced clients)

Day 4: Deadlifts > Cleans (power / full)

Skill: Scaling HSPU with boxes or wall climbs

WOD: For Time:
800m run
20 HR push ups
20 med ball cleans (AHAP)
20 sit-ups

Week 2

Day 1: Snatch (power / full)

Skill: kipping pull-up

10 power snatch
10 wall balls
10 pull-ups

Day 2: Cleans (Review positions and technique)

Skill: Sumo deadlift High Pull

9 thrusters (TBD)
9 box jumps
9 K2E

Day 3: Review presses / split jerk.

Skill: Rope climb scaling / foot clamp on rope

WOD: “Helen”

Day 4: snatch (review positions and technique)

WOD: Re-test
20 burpees
30 KBS (TBD)
20 cal row

*If you have any questions and would like to know more about what we do,
please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or call us at 626.263.0683.